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Translation Bureau GmbH

European Union Public Procurement and International Government Contracts

We can translate the following for you:

  • All technical documents and contract award conditions from establishing terms of reference up to the completed bid invitation
  • All documents required under the general contract award conditions at whatever stage
  • All contractual documents: general tender specifications, general and special technical tender specifications, ground surveys, specifications etc.
  • All contracts including sub-contractor agreements
  • All commercial documents such as bonds, warranties, insurance policies, records of meetings, acceptance inspections, notices of defects, disputes

Equipment Engineering, Power Engineering and Automation

We can translate the following for you:

  • All documents associated with setting up technical equipment from the bid to the contract, standards, technical reports and quality assurance etc.
  • Automatic machine programmes

Steel Construction and Other Structures

We can translate the following for you:

  • All steel construction design documents (bids, structural analyses, specific welding standards, paint coatings, concrete work, glazing etc.)

Mechanical Engineering

We can translate the following for you:

  • All technical texts on hoists, materials handling equipment, construction machinery, tunnel drilling equipment (specifications, operating instructions, manuals etc.)

Electronic Catalogues

We can translate the following in all languages for you:

  • Electronic catalogues
  • Your Internet pages


  • Vogel Industrie Medien GmbH & Co. KG: MMBörse (Web page in 13 languages)
  • Schallenkammer Magnetsysteme GmbH (Web page in English)
  • Müpro-Software : CD-Rom including catalogue and design calculation programme (in 4 languages: English, French, Spanish, Dutch)
  • Memo AG : Texts for numerous Internet presentations and product texts in 4 languages: English, French, Italian and Spanish
  • BüroForum: Electronic catalogue (in French and Spanish)


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