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Translation Bureau GmbH
As there is no time at the beginning to set up the required language services when acquiring an international company, it is often necessary at any initial meetings with the international company's management for the services of a competent interpreter to be drawn on. An interpreter's support enables an atmosphere of trust to be built up among the senior managers involved and also helps to avoid any misunderstandings when information is being exchanged.

• By interpreting addresses and contributions of those involved in discussions in the various languages ("whispering" technique), Ms. Pierrette Gröninger - in the case of French - and her foreign language colleagues assist with the communication side.
We can support you when presenting your projects and in negotiations on your engineering services abroad. This is where interpreting and translation complement each other.
Don't hesitate to make use of our interpreting services to rule out any language-induced misunderstandings on the site abroad. In our interpreter and translator role, we would be glad to assist you in the translation of all the technical and commercial correspondence.
The Pierrette Gröninger GmbH Translation Bureau translates your brochures and accompanies your international business associates when looking round your company.
We can provide you with all the interpreting assignments needed for your negotiations, commissioning plants and for the instructional training of your clients' staff – whether on the site or in the factory. We change the control programme texts into the operator's language.

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